is where you can download Norton Antivirus software, it is a program that is designed to protect, detect and eliminate viruses and other PC infections such as worms and Trojans. It is originally a code that detects and eliminates a type of infection called a virus.

The Norton antivirus product is very powerful and prevents a virus from infecting the user’s PC. It is also very important to keep Norton Antivirus updated with the latest version. A PC without Norton Antivirus can cause serious problems with performance and security. Norton antivirus designers update their database to deal with constantly changing virus codes.

Norton configuration download nortoncom/setup download Norton antivirus is an antivirus protection software that is used to protect PCs, laptops and other electronic devices. The main source of infection is the internet. If the use of the Internet is done regularly without the installation of Norton’s antivirus, the chances of getting infected are quite high. Norton antivirus is now needed at all times, whether for personal or commercial use. In the current digital environment, most of the work is done with the support of PC and Internet. norton com setup or is the website for norton activation If you are using both simultaneously, installing the Norton antivirus solution is essential. There are several Norton products available in the market

What does Norton do ?

  • Gets rid of all the malicious codes found during the scanning technique.
  • It will allow you to program the scan to scan automatically.
  • Scan files or particular documents for malware.
  • It allows you to start a scan of a particular website, your PC, hard drive at any time.
  • It shows regularly about the health of the PC.
  • Norton Antivirus is a registered trademark product of its respective publisher. The brand has been used by many users since 1995. It uses two main methods, signature and heuristics to diagnose, detect and eliminate viruses from dedicated devices.

Activating the Norton product key

Initially, activating your service product key is the most important thing, if you want to access all the features of Norton Antivirus. Activating the product key is very beneficial, as it ensures that you have legitimate Norton software and also stops software piracy.

After the installation of the application software of the product key, its activation will start by default when the user starts using the software for the first time. It can only be achieved when the user is linked to the internet. For a user, it is vital to activate the key service of the product. If it is not carried out at the time of installation, a pop-up message appears every time the PC is started until the product key antivirus service is activated.

How to start your activation of Norton Antivirus Product Key Setup:

  1. Now start from the main window, click Activate now or Renew (or start the activation notification you can also do it, by pressing the Activate now option).
  2. If it appeared, using the details of your Norton account, log in to your Norton Service account.
  3. Next, do what is indicated, any of the following:
  4. If you have the license present, choose the subscription and follow the steps.
  5. If you have a product key, press the enter key> enter the product key> then proceed as referenced by the steps on the screen.
  6. To buy a license, click on buy a subscription. It will take you to the website of the Norton store where the purchase steps will be made.
  7. Smart devices used with Norton Product

It offers support for several types of smart devices, such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Android devices such as tablets and smartphones, as well as Mac devices, Apple iPad, Windows PC, Apple iPhone are some of the gadgets in which the Norton product can be the Installation.

Norton Antivirus product services

Norton Antivirus Product Services consists of Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton Antivirus, Norton Mobile Security and Norton Identity Protection.

Norton 360 Services

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