Windows 10 is already in the game with the latest and greatest security features. But people tend not to trust Microsoft’s first-time efforts. Windows Defender is equipped with Windows 10 and protects users with almost any type of threat. It comes with antivirus, malware protection, ransomware protection and more integrated with Windows Defender. For those who do not trust these measures, Symantec has released a completely new Norton Safe Web extension for Microsoft Edge.

All of this extension checks whether the site you are browsing on Microsoft Edge is malicious or not. Norton has a huge database of exploits and malicious content both online and offline, and this new extension for Microsoft Edge seems to be trusted by everyone.

The following features are available for this extension for Microsoft Edge:

Provide security information about pages as you view them using the latest threat information
Scans and tests websites in advance to warn you of potential security risks
Blocks access to malicious or fraudulent websites
This means that your computer, in addition to Microsoft Smart Screen, will also be protected by this new extension by preventing you from visiting these unverified and potentially malicious websites. Indirectly, this prevents user data from being leaked through unethical means such as malicious cookies and phishing. Also from downloading infected files with viruses and worms. This directly reduces the dependence of the user on his installed antivirus software.

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